Caution: this data is only for some of the regions in WSZF, and is not current. Not intended for finding a meeting right now!

For regions new to BMLT, usually it will be useful to start with meeting data from NA World Services, rather than entering everything from scratch. To help regions decide whether use this data, we obtained a copy of the meeting data from NAWS as of August 8, 2020 just for regions in WSZF that don’t already have their own BMLT server, and put it on a test server. This server is at

Of course you can also just look at the data on the NAWS website at However, the display below shows how it will appear in BMLT.

The data from this test server is shown below. The NAWS data has some errors (for example, there seems to be a meeting in Mongolia), and it would need to be cleaned up in any case before being deployed, since there are many meeting changes since the pandemic started. There is a lot of data and it takes a minute to load up — please be patient.

To narrow things down, try picking a specific state or city from the dropdown menus.