The URL for the root server to use in crouton, bread, and any other BMLT satellite programs is

The WSZF root server has a web interface for adding and updating meetings. Log in using your account at that same URL,

Finally, there is a web interface that lets you see all the service bodies currently on the server, get meeting lists, and so forth, at A login is not required here.

When we set up new regions and areas on the root server, we will also create corresponding user accounts. The account names will look like SeattleArea or ContraCostaArea or NothernCaliforniaRegion. Each account is given edit rights for a particular service body. These nest, so that an area account can edit any meeting in that area, while a regional account can edit any meeting in the region.

If you are a new area admin, ask the web coordinator for your region to give you a password. If you get the new password by email or some other non-encrypted way, please log in right away and change it for security reasons. The server admin for the root server can also set or reset passwords — to request this, send us an email at

When the web servant position rolls over to someone else, just pass along the login information, and the new web servant can log in, change the password, and carry on. We can reset the password if it gets lost.

Finally, if an area or region needs a second or third account, we can make more (e.g., SeattleArea2). This needs to be done by the server admin.