BMLT has a feature-rich system for NA helplines called yap. It can manage volunteer lists, connect callers with NA volunteers in their areas, read and text BMLT schedule information to the caller, and read the current Just for Today.

WSZF has set up a yap server for the zone, and service bodies are welcome to use it for their helplines. There is no charge to regions or areas to use the server itself, but regions or areas will need to set up and pay for their own phone numbers using Twilio. You should be able to port existing helpline numbers to Twilio. (Other regions have reported significant savings after moving to yap from other phone systems — perhaps 1/6 their previous expenses.) We also have a zone-wide demo number that service members can use to experiment with the system. Contact for more information.

In addition to the zonal yap server, some regions in the zone have their own yap servers. It’s fine to continue using those indefinitely, even if the region moves its BMLT data to the zonal server. Alternately, existing yap installations can be re-directed to use the zonal server once the region’s data is moved over, although some work will be needed to fix service body IDs and similar things. Here is a blog post with some suggestions for migrating a regional yap server into a zonal one: