When editing meetings, the Format Tab on the meeting editor for the BMLT root server presents an array of possible formats for the meeting. Check all that apply, and after you are done with all the edits (on all of the tabs), save the changes.

WSZF Server Format Codes

You can also add any additional information that the meeting wants to include in the “Comments” field of the Other Tab. For example, the following screenshot is of the “Beyond Belief” meeting. Its format codes include Ag (Agnostic), which is one of the built-in codes. In addition, this meeting adds a comment “All are welcome to this atheist and agnostic friendly meeting,” which appears in the left-hand column. (This comment is for this meeting only.)

When possible, please use the existing format codes and augment them with a comment if needed, rather than requesting a new format code. For the example above, this means using the existing Ag (Agnostic) code along with a comment, rather than adding another format code for Atheist.

Editing or Adding Format Codes

The format codes are stored in the root server, and are shared by all the service bodies using the WSZF server. The BMLT source code comes with a set of predefined format codes, and we can change the wording or add new ones as needed.

Experienced BMLT developers and maintainers have reported that format codes are the main thing that service bodies argue about with respect to BMLT. It is better to avoid needlessly proliferating small variations on a format and cluttering up the list (which may confuse both people searching for meetings and also area webservants who are trying to figure out which codes to use). This is particularly true for zone-level servers (like ours) that hold many thousands of meetings. However, there may be some particular meeting format and description that is very important to a group, which somehow can’t be accommodated with an existing code plus a comment. If we do introduce new codes, we will try to design a coherent set of formats, in consultation with the stakeholders who are particularly affected.

Currently, the server uses the built-in BMLT codes, plus a few additional ones that have been requested. We also replaced the former GL code with four. Here are the various codes for GL meetings:

LGBTLGBTQ+Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and allies.
GGayThis meeting is focussed on the needs of gay members of NA.
LLesbianThis meeting is focussed on the needs of lesbian members of NA.
NBNon Binary

The intent with these codes is to provide a range of possible choices, including one for “rainbow” meetings that welcome a wide range of addicts, and G and L for meetings that want to be more separate. Again, note that individual meetings can always add a note just for that meeting with any additional information desired.