This page summarizes the current status of migrating regions and areas onto the zonal BMLT server. It also lists the other known BMLT servers within WSZF.

All these servers are registered with tomato, which aggregates the data from all registered root servers while acting like a root server itself. This allows people to search for meetings that are stored using BMLT anywhere in the zone (and elsewhere), whether they are on the WSZF server itself or on a regional server..

Western States Zonal Forum Root Server

NAWS code: ZN085

Regions and Areas Currently Using the WSZF Root Server

Data for all areas in these regions is on the server and updated:

Regions in progress:

Yap Status

The zone provides a server for the yap NA helpline system. Here are the areas and regions that are currently using the zonal server for their helplines. (We expect more will adopt it in the next months.)

Other Regions in WSZF and BMLT Server Status

Alaska Region
NAWS code: RG014

Arizona Region
BMLT server:
NAWS code: RG041

California Mid-State Region
Not currently on BMLT
NAWS code: RG118

Central California Region
Bringing up their own BMLT server
NAWS code: RG141

Northern California Region
Some areas on BMLT but not all.
NAWS code: RG504
Areas using the zonal BMLT are listed earlier.
Greater San Jose Area and Peninsula Area on BMLT at

San Diego Imperial Counties Region
BMLT server: 
NAWS code: RG590

Sierra Sage Region
BMLT server:
NAWS code: RG622

Southern California Region
BMLT server: 
NAWS code: RG635