Western States Zonal Forum

Meeting Record

JULY 24 – 26, 2009    




5:00 PM


Serenity Prayer

Introductions//in attendance: 

Jane – Public Relations, NAWS

Jim – World Board, NAWS

Arizona: Vince, RD

Arizona: Ken, RDA

California Mid State: Doug, RD 

Central California: Tony, RDA

Central California: Maryellen, RD 

Northern California: Matt, RD

Northern California: Karina, Regional Vice Chair

Pacific Cascade: Lisa, RD 

Pacific Cascade: Tauni,  RDA

Region 51: Shelly, RD

Region 51: Ira, RDA

Rio Grande:  Laura, RD 

Rio Grande:  Freddy RDA 

San Diego Imperial: Pam, RD

San Diego Imperial: Nyla, RDA

SERNA: Oscar, RD


Sierra Sage: Karen, RD

Sierra Sage: Robin, RDA

Southern California: Ken, RD

Southern California: Deb, RDA

Washington Northern Idaho: Julie, RDA

Washington Northern Idaho: Dan, RD


Lorraine – c c 


Minutes from last meeting



how to facilitate the Forum (create guidelines)

o   not done last year


            From inventory 07 not happy with loose meeting

            Looking for how, who, input, when to send

            To establish structure for next hosting Region

            Contact NAWS timeframe

Who completed tasks?

            – Doug: purpose statement

            – Oscar: (Michael) define the process – prepare & present WSC report:

Preparing for Zonal Report to World Service Conference

I reviewed previous reports that are posted on the Zonal website, to get an idea as to their content. 

I began with reporting on the members of our zone and any interesting facts. i.e. (number of meetings, H&I panels,) and a little history of our zone and the way we conduct business.

I listed the topics of discussion and some of the input that was presented. I also reported on the presentations that were performed by NAWS.

Don’t forget that we will have met twice since the last conference.

It is nice if you can get the report done in time to send a copy out to everyone for input before submitting it to NAWS. If you get it into NAWS by there deadline it can be sent out with the Regional /Zonal reports that come out with the CAT material before the conference. 

The Zone will also have a short meeting at the conference that in the past has not included much in the way of business. So it is possible to revise the report a little before the actual presentation on the floor.

Presenting the report is the easiest part. You will be allowed a time to deliver your report. (5 min. I believe). Be aware that NAWS has quite a bit of technology available for your use if needed. At the last Conference (08) I had them pull up our Web-site’s homepage but if whoever puts the report together is not as technically challenged as myself there are most likely a lot of other things available.


            Laura: logistics for communication process with local 

(follow through is lacking – Google group)

            Getting bids & securing hotel

            Record mtg activities (make copies) 






            – 2008 Didn’t reflect who was in attendance

            – CA. Mid-State report didn’t make it into ’08  minutes (missing report below)

Date: July 18, 2008

To: CMSRSC Report to Western States Zonal Forum July 18 – 20, 2008 


The California Mid-State Region of Narcotics Anonymous is located in the heart of the Great Central Valley of California. The Region runs from Galt in the north (south of Sacramento) to Porterville in the south (north of Bakersfield) and from the Gold Rush towns of the Sierras in the east to the edge of the Coastal Range in the west. Our Region is comprised of seven Areas which include a variety of living environments ranging from the rural, small towns to several major metropolitan areas. 

California Mid-State Regional Service Committee, (CMSRSC), meets monthly on a rotating meeting location schedule. First month we meet in Fresno, second month in Merced and the third month is what we call “Region on the Road” where different Area Service Committees volunteer to host the CMSRSC meeting, sometimes in conjunction with a special Area event, such as a holiday dinner / dance. This allows members that may have an interest in Regional service to get a view of what actually is happening at the CMSRSC meeting. The cycle repeats itself throughout the year, allowing for four (4) different Areas to host the CMSRSC meeting. 

Through the process of reviewing our Regional Guidelines the ad hoc Committee determined that consolidation of all the Regional Information Coordinator (RIC) positions into one may be a more effective method of providing information to the members of CMSR. Previously, the RICs have attempted to provide support to each Area Subcommittee (H&I, PI, Activities & Literature), with moderate success at best. Currently there is a growing interest in some of the ideas introduced in the “Public Relations Handbook” and the potential benefits that may be gained from this focused effort. 

As we shared in April, our Annual Regional Insurance Policy Premium has become somewhat more manageable due to a re-calculation of our membership numbers. Still don’t quite understand why we are so close to the amount some of our larger cousins pay for their insurance. More on that later, we’re sure. 

CMSRSC is still engaged in a long-term project to better understand our organizational obligations. We have continuing to develop professional relationships with a CPA and a business attorney. Tax Forms filed with the Federal and State agencies generated a letter of inquiry from the IRS. More will be revealed on the direction we take to ensure we keep within the boundaries of “productive members of society” and resolve our legal entity challenges. For the Tax Year 2007 we will more than likely file as a business-like entity and pay any taxes owed. 

Our budget for the coming year includes two (2) Regional Forums, one (1) Regional Assembly and one (1) “Professional Symposium”. Hopefully the RCMs will see fit to allow for the funding of some, if not all, of these Regionally-sponsored events. As with last year, our budget is being discussed and we are here. We don’t know about anyone else, but, the location of some of the workshops and learning days present a perception problem amongst some members, skewing towards the “paying for you to have a vacation” mind-set. Has anyone else encountered this challenge? 

CMSRCNA X held June 6 – 8, 2008, in Visalia, California, was a great success! It generated a moderate amount of income and a HUGE amount of recovery based fellowshipping. Thank you to all that took the time to attend. 

Yours in Service, Clif Givens Doug Crutchfield 


C:\Data\NA\CMSRSC\RD Reports\WSZF 2008\WSZF Report 07-18-08.doc



                        What’s helpful/useful


Karen – Sierra Sage // will send report

Doug – California Mid-State

Date:    June 20, 2009

To:       Western States Zonal Forum, July 24 – 26, 2009

Re:       CMSRSC Report for the WSZF

The California Mid-State Region of Narcotics Anonymous is located in the heart of the Great Central Valley of California. The Region runs from Galt in the north (south of Sacramento) to Porterville in the south (north of Bakersfield) and from the Gold Rush towns of the Sierras in the east to the edge of the Coastal Range in the west. Our Region is comprised of seven Areas which include a variety of living environments ranging from the rural, small towns to several major metropolitan areas. 

California Mid-State Regional Service Committee, (CMSRSC), meets monthly on a rotating meeting location schedule.  First month we meet in Fresno, second month in Merced and the third month is what we call “Region on the Road” where different Area Service Committees volunteer to host the CMSRSC meeting, sometimes in conjunction with a special Area event, such as a dinner, speaker meeting, and dance.  This allows local members more of an opportunity to get a view of what actually is happening at the CMSRSC meeting.  The cycle repeats itself throughout the year, allowing for four (4) different Areas to host the CMSRSC meeting.

This year we finished reviewing our Regional Guidelines (a process of multi-years). A major change was the consolidation of all the Regional Information Coordinator (RIC) positions into one “super” RIC position that may be a more effective method of providing information to the members of our Region. 

Our Regional insurance has been renewed for a second year with Philadelphia Insurance and our premium has continued to be reasonable. We still do not understand why we are paying so much in comparison to our sister Regions in the WSZF. 

We continue to struggle with our organizational structure and societal obligations. We are in the process of replacing a rather unresponsive CPA. A letter of inquiry from the IRS remains an unresolved issue as we try to decide the direction to go.

Since the last WSC we have had mixed success with our Fellowship Development work. Our members are enthusiastic in response to our offerings, but we experience sub-optimal attendance. We continue to tinker with ways to increase the participation.

The California Mid-State Regional Convention of Narcotics Anonymous XI is scheduled for June 11, 12, & 13, 2010, in Stockton, California. Registration information will be coming out soon and available at: www.cmsrcna.org.

In loving service,

Doug Crutchfield

Regional Delegate


(email address removed – see original doc via link at top)

            Additional info not in report: “now a 3rd world region”

                        Haven’t been operating with a structured fund flow

            Q: Sierra Sage: Who has experience with this: Inc// 501C3?  

(Has to do with the IRS issue) 

            A: “No & no”

            Q: Sierra Sage:  How much do you spend on insurance?

            A: $6,000”

            Q: Sierra Sage:  Meetings covered?

            A: “Yes”

Oscar – SERNA // need  report

            Q: Sierra Sage: Your own coffee?  ( Experience with hospitality room success with facility)

Laura – Rio Grande

Rio Grande Region of NA

Report to the Western States Zonal Forum

July 24-26, 2009

The Rio Grande Region encompasses all of the state of New Mexico, as well as Durango, CO and El Paso, TX.  We have seven Areas that open 178 meetings per week, seven of which are in Spanish, or bilingual.  Our active H&I area subcommittees take 117 meetings per week into facilities throughout the region.  Our region meets bimonthly, rotating between three cities.  Our region does not have standing subcommittees, but RCMs volunteer as resource persons during their terms of office.  We have not found an effective strategy for these resource persons to consistently serve the areas of our region.

Several of the areas in our region are in sparsely populated parts of the region, and members travel hours to their area meetings.  One area has not found a way to meet regularly, though their local meetings are functioning well.

Our region is funded primarily by proceeds from our annual regional convention.  We have a Regional Convention Corporation that is responsible for our regional convention each year in March, which moves around the region.  Our region purchases event insurance for the convention, but does not carry insurance for any other events or meetings.  Protecting individual members’ liability is a recurring conversation that arises when, in particular, the Greater Albuquerque Area is planning an event that may merit or require insurance.  Also, since none of our areas are legal entities, none file or pay taxes on goods sold, such as literature, or have the ability to sign contracts or purchase insurance.  The conversations around these issues continue without any current plans to remedy them.  

We have a regional website that is a resource for members and the public.  It lists meetings and activities, area and subcommittee guidelines.  There are links to the World Services website as well as email links for PR, H&I and general information.  A request came through the Greater Albuquerque Area PR subcommittee for a young people’s meeting.  The PR subcommittee mentored some young people with significant clean time to start a new meeting for members under 25 years old, and it is thriving.

We will hold a World Unity Day event on August 22, 2009 with the live phone link to the World Convention.  The day will also include speakers and workshops, one of which will be the Living Clean workshop facilitated by AD Freddy and me.

Shelly – Region 51// ask for report

            Pay 1900 annually for insurance – Shelly will provide the info for that company (Capstone)  Covers all meetings plus 4 major events; rider can be purchased additional

            Only have to drive about 20 minutes to get to all ASC’s

            Had over 24 people in the “hat” for Day of the Dinosaur”  (Have a good tracking system for speakers)

Ken – Arizona// ask for report

            Convention – will send $$ once RCM’s determine how to spend




            Regional directory

            Q – CA MS : Seed money

            A: yes, comes from previous years proceeds

            Q – CA MS: Incorporated?

            A: Yes.  Ken will email BOD info

Julia – 

            Washington Northern Idaho Region

We have 21 Areas consisting of approximately 800 meetings spanning over 74,000 square miles that include Washington State, North Idaho, and a bit of North Eastern Oregon.  

We present 4 RD workshops at 2 of our Annual Conventions; we did small group discussions Communication, GSR/RCM a vital link, and the two Leadership workshops.  These presentations have grown in size and we get a decent representation from around our region at them.  This continues to be a successful way to communicate information.

We identified regional goals 2 years ago and are now looking at ways to implement them.  We are also looking at combining our RSC and Regional Subcommittees on the same weekend.  We have done this on a trial basis with much success as it has increased participation at RSC and the subcommittees.  

Our RD team continues to utilize a quarterly report to the region that summarizes NAWS News, NA Way Magazine, World Board reports, and Western States Zonal Forum.  The purpose is to increase communication throughout the levels of service reaching the individual group member.  It is a one page report and we bring enough copies to our region for RCM’s to distribute to all groups

We have had about a third of our areas move forward with implementing the Public Relations handbook, and started a PR committee.  We are exploring the possibility of having a regional PR committee, and if anyone has implemented regional PR we would like to hear how it is working and see your guidelines. 

Our Convention and Events Committee is looking at revamping their guidelines to increase seed money and decrease fund raising for conventions.  Our fellowship has been overwhelmed and burned out with fundraising for several events all held close to the same area and in the same year and we are looking at alternatives..   

RD Team:

Dan Friesen, RD  (email address removed – see original doc via link at top)

Julia Reed-Voldal, RDA   (email address removed – see original doc via link at top)

            Currently pay $1,000 annually – most folks very interested.  They will get the info for anyone interested.

            Q:  Monthly meetings

            A: Quarterly

Ken – Southern California

Southern California Region

                                                WSZF REPORT 2009

 Our region has approximately 1320 meetings and 266 Spanish Speaking meetings throughout its 20 areas.  Of those 1320 meetings, 4 are Armenian, 2 are Farsi, 1 is Hebrew and 3 are American Sign Language. 

 Our Region meets every month on the third Sunday. We still have standing committees that provide direct services on behalf of the Areas of our Region. 

Regional Service Office (RSO):  Our RSO is maintaining itself. They are still below their prudent reserve but are working on operating more efficiently. The RSO carries insurance for the regions 20 areas as well as our Regional events. They are also now offering to cover the four Area Conventions held within our Region.

Hospitals and Institutions (H&I):  All 20 areas including the Spanish Speaking area attend the monthly H&I subcommittee meeting. The region carries 61 panels that go into our Hospitals and Institutions within our region. The 20 areas, along with the Spanish Speaking Area carry approximately 619 panels. The subcommittee holds an annual Learning Day in the month of May.

Public Information (PI):  The subcommittee continues to reach out and inform the community about Narcotics Anonymous. This is also the committee that coordinates the facilitation of requests for presentations that are forwarded to us from the WSO. They also continue in their efforts to do presentations, booth sittings, and community literature distribution.

 They also host a quarterly meeting at which they provide food and spend their time doing PI training sessions.

Regional Activities:  The regional activities committee puts on 3 major events per year. The NA Birthday, New Years Eve and the Regional Campout. They also help with the H&I Learning Day and the Regional Assembly Workshop as well as the new Young Peoples Unity Day. They help out the 20 areas with their events by providing a calendar so that the areas can have regional dates so that no area event conflicts with another areas regional event. They post all areas events whether they are a regional or area event on the regional web site.

Phone lines (PL):  Phone lines are currently running a 24 hours, 7 days 1-800-Today NA number with live addicts answering the phones. They are able to do this by having area

Helplines man individual days.  The Spanish speaking area is helping the region man the Spanish speaking hotline, 1-800-NAAHORA.

Website : The website committee is still hosting the WSZF website on our server. They are going to remove the contact from the site because it causing them to receive a lot of spam. To contact them for updating or adding content to the site simply e-mail them at (email address removed – see original doc via link at top)  

Literature:  We currently have no Literature Review committee because of lack of participation.

Regional Convention:  The Convention committee is getting ready for this years convention that will be Thanksgiving weekend at the Ontario Doubletree. The registration form should be online at todayna.org on the activities page soon. Next year the convention will be at the Anaheim Hilton.

Cruise Committee:  The Cruise Committee will be going to the Western Caribbean in April of 2010. You can still book a cabin for this event.  

Spring Gathering Committee:  The Spring Gathering Committee has come to an end. They held their last fundraising event in February this year. 

Youth Committee: They just had their annual Unity Day event last month. They are still working on getting participation from each Area. They are currently sending a representative to most of the Regional subcommittees.

Sponsorship Behind The Walls: This committee is very busy with requests from inmates. They are also working on revising their guidelines. They currently have approximately 72 sponscees and only 28 sponsors.   

            Will look for actual panels number

            PR — Work with local communities requesting presentation

            On WSZF website getting spam from link.  Will get rid of that and provide alternative way to contact: (email address removed – see original doc via link at top)

72    sponsor requests and 28 sponsors available

Q: How many Spanish spking area?

A: 266.  High attendance at CAR workshop

Q:  what do they do?

            A:  Keep track of group anniversary and celebrate.  Get at least a dollar per person, minimum.

            Q:  RCM bilingual

            A:  Yes

Fund flow from Spanish Area stays there because of their convention

CAR motion – line-number Basic T  in Spanish

            Q: Purpose:

            A: to study//step study facilitation

Matt – N CA  (report attached)

            They checked their meeting numbers and found it’s lower//stagnation?  They will check it out.  

            Inventory continuing with RCM’s who are new.  Took on more than had the capacity to fulfill.

            Rotating RSC.  Considering funding RCMs.  Workshops. 

            Small groups, Reg. assmb., workshops

            Regional HI corrd model to make effective use of resources

            Task-based services “regional pool”

            NA 101 – regional learning days

            CBDM – continuing challenge 

            Eval. Educ on inventory (see above)  

                        Will do power point of strategic planning

                        Action plan versus strat. Plan.  Hopeful RCM will adopt it.

            Struggles to get bi-monthly.

            Fellowship services team 

                        Create new tasks that serve the fellowship versus creating bureaucracy

                        Regional resource coordinator

            Admin teambuilding (due to several resignations and sesntments)  Look at page 5)


            N CA convention less profitable than in the past. 

            Not sending all proceeds to NAWS

            Facility cost increased due to location

            All hotel rooms booked but registrations are down

Operating reserve 55,000 increased to 80,000

Comment:  re Fire camps…excited to get in touh and do coordinated efforts.  Ready to get meeting (RSO).  

            Q: Jamestown?

            A:  HI working with regional guidelines

            C;  He probably contacted several people

            Q:  How did you do regional resource

            A;  Will send you an email

Pam – San Diego//Imperial County

San Diego / Imperial Counties Region

2009 Report to the Western Zonal Forum

Greetings from sunny San Diego where we now represent 9 areas (a new Area called North Central area added), have over 600 meetings per week and still counting. 

Convention was just held this past June without a final financial report as yet.  Unfortunately, our paid attendance remains low while our overall attendance remains high.  Otherwise, no newcomer was turned away from free participation in regular events.  We held a “Our Freedom, Our Responsibility” workshop pit against a Dinosaur meeting at the same time.  We had an attendance of @ 14 of both experienced and new to service, all enjoyed it and stayed to the end.  We look forward to this again next year.

PR efforts: We are still operating under individual sub committees, yet slowly incorporating some of the ideas of the PR Handbook as time goes on.

Behind The Walls is growing stronger and stronger receiving mail from facilities even outside of our area.  The budget began with one man and $10 per month and is now up to $100 per month to cover 40 letters per month along with literature if requested.  However, our Region just confirmed World provides literature at no cost to those incarcerated who request it, so we anticipate a motion at our next Regional meeting to remove mailing Basic Texts to inmates from their guidelines.  Our web site has the guidelines and “writers rules” available for download for those who wish to participate.  

H&I efforts remain strong as the areas are coming together to support meetings at 52 facilities.  We do continue to struggle with unity in that some Areas do not have H&I Chairs to coordinate their panels which find them running without direction and/or sometimes training.

PI has attended 15 events cumulatively this year.  We have eleven TV stations contacted, of which ten have agreed to air our approved PSA on DVD.  PI is looking into the cost of having the DVD translated into Spanish for Spanish speaking stations.

RSO news; we are preparing to place a $55K order which is necessary to obtain our discount.  We currently hold 34 bank accounts, of which a couple occasionally run negative.  The RSO is struggling financially.

Phonelines: we have regional as well as two areas co-hosting a hotline together. Region has just purchased a computer based phoneline to facilitate the service when we aren’t physically at the RSO. Yes we still have an “addict to addict” on the RSO phoneline.  

Regional Outreach

‘Reach and Teach’ the newcomer is in the works as an introduction to NA meetings/events. It’s still in its infancy modeled on Northern CA efforts. Intent is the education the newcomer about NA fellowship, NA speak, sponsorship and appropriate behavior in meetings.

Youth Committee is only about 2 months “young” and very strong including providing liaisons to the other sub-committees as well as partnering with adjacent Regions to learn from and encourage participation with events. Their efforts include ensuring participation by youth in H&I juvenile facility panels.

Website  has supported the Convention in creating on-line registration.  They provide a calendar of upcoming events including links to actual flyers.  This site also offers Area sites to operate interdependently.  The online meeting directory is updated regularly and Beach area now offers links to maps of the meeting locations.

New Literature. We had a modest response to the new Literature submitted for review; no Regional Lit Review.

COS Ad Hoc.  We adopted a committee to review the pros and cons of hosting the roaming Circle of Sisters Annual Convention.  It looks favorable for submitting our bid for sponsoring the 2012 year.

Our Region has been operating below prudent reserve for almost 6 months now due to reduction in donations.  Our Region is looking for ways to reduce costs.  

Nila and I put on a Leadership workshop for our North County areas which had modest attendance, but was well accepted and those in attendance assured us they would attend further events of this type.  As always it is with great delight that we serve our fellowship and look forward to another weekend of expanding our minds with you here at WSZF.

Thank you,

Pam and Nila

            Suggested HI (inmates) contact World for hard cover BT’s

            Track down local H&I to instruct them 

            Q;  SS has regional lit ord person – any other region do that as well?

            A;  most order from their ASc but a few from World

            Shared Resource site has Span translated

            Q:  why 34 bank accounts

            A; each ASC has their own accnts

            Q;  own tax id?

            A:  just1

Tony – Cen. CA// ask for report

Sponsorship behind the walls


Webservant conforming to PR  standards

Due to lack of people with incorp knowledge there was much confusion.  People with know. Have finally stepped up.  

Toni – Pacific Cascade// ask Vince for report

Close: 8:30 PM



8:15 AM  — Opening

8:20 AM – 10:00 AM 


Who are we and what are we doing here

What are other possibilities//alternatives to forum

Approve statement of purpose

Diversity of forum

            Meet needs of all

                        Isolated pockets//pr handbook re reach out

Focus of forum

            What’s work//not

            Continue last year




                                    Struct of future forum // officers? Many ideas


how to facilitate the Forum (create guidelines)

o   not done last year

Read the statement of purpose


Revised: was sent to Google site

            Concerns – potential change focus of this forum

            Created from discussions from last year

            Read new statement:

Purpose of wszf futher na primnary p I zones

Build unity in reg and wtrsu 

Traning ldrs

Repr member to naws

We hold face2face discussions

Encour ongong best prac

Foster unity

Mentor train rd rda and loca lmemember

Disc wsc topics

 Resoruse as deve in zone

Depend on loving hp to guide

History – went away with list of items

Sent to google – no objectionsm just concerns

Could be cut down

Could go beyond current focus


Challenge: when we went into nuts and bolts ran ito issue

Don’t currently do fellowship development (FD)

Ideas how to change to do (FD)

May need steering comm.

Possible fd is aspiration no clear vision of how

Grammatical changes but not sidetracking—suggested change:

            “We focus on building unity in respective Regions”

Lets focus on what and why instead of passing revised purpose

Adapt guidelines to accommodate new statement

Statement doesn’t include anything that hasn’t been already discussed

Fix it before adopting.  Grammar important.

            Most agree

No clear unified vision of purpose…no cohesion.  Lets have philosp disc of what we want .  Does this reflect what we wanted  we can tweak at this time.  N ca not sure if we cant to continue to attend wszf especially because of financial issues.  

Put items in Google file so everyone can access.  Need to return with concrete reason to continue participation

How do we promote unity?  We’re not unified

Concern:  can’t justify continuing to meet wszf.  Get more out of worldwide wokshps.  

Got a lot out of inventory.  Let’s proceed with what we have

I get ideas from reports that I don’t get from world-wide wkshps.  Good problem-solving forum.  

Would like to hear history of inception

“Why should come here?”

This room is comprised of teachers.  We can rotate regions to wsld.  Train-the-trainer.

Merge with wsld?

I get more here that I cannot get from my mentor.  I understand that those of you who have been doing this for a few years are bored but I continue to get more out of it.  Preparation for CAR is great.  Even people who don’t see a need bring things to the table.  

What do our fellowships want from us? 


Will write names as hands raised

Will write items on board

Will take breaks every 90 minutes

Benefit: building relationships.  Able to connect with some of you at WSC.

Some disunity but is useful to start process of relationship building.

May use this to more closely focus on issues that will arise at WSC.  Viewpoints valuable.  Intimate venue to interact with NAWS.  

Merge with wsld during non-conference years.  How can we better carry the message back to those we serve.  

Stay focused on things we do well.  We did we come from.  

Na service structure and technology have changes since inception of this forum.  Small meeting during nonconference years.  Off site meeting during conference years and do NAWS, and train-the-trainer.  Let’s play to our strengths.  

Move forum to December during wsc years.  Food and fun works to bring in the members so we can do training.  Relationships are valuable to facilitate carrying the message.  We need to find out what made us raise our hand to become an RD.  

Include local fellowship or focus on what works.  Use our talents at WSLD instead of here on off-conference years.

(from whiteboard)


Consider moving forum to later in year for CAR discussion in a conference year

Make event more attractive/ utilize skills of individual members – train the trainer sessions – practical experience shard

Loses value revisit discussion again rather than forging ahead with new ideas

Expand to include fellowship./ share skills we bring/expand use of technology

Identify needed skills and present at workshops at wsld in off conference years

(from easel – Karina has emailed to me)


What value does zone 

9:30 AM – 9:50 AM:  BREAK

(moved from 10:00 to 9:30 – break every 90 minutes)


10:50 AM


Suggestion: what could be done on off conference years?

Ditto on conference years?

Common themes:

2 formats – conference and off conference

We value relationships and learning


Local fellowship – utilize and develop



Google group use (don’t forget in between meetings)

2 FORMATS – set agenda before WSZF

Conf year: Rd partnership



NON CONF YEAR: RD partnership




Problem-solving valuable

Partnership with NAWS.  Value in conference year.  Helps with apprehensions for new RD’s.

RE FD – fell flat.  ID tasks and talents and do training for each other.  Wsld does training so much better than we could.  WSLD critical link for RDs to be plugged in.

Google group created but not utilized.

How many Regions send delegate team to wsld

n  hear from HI & PI too overwhelming

n  having delegate team may be more effective

How many motions in CAR? 12?

            World moving away from this

            Motions reducing

Goal of the CAR:  focused discussions.  Pose aquestions abougt how we move forward.  

Always be a need for direction

Proposal: experiment at next WSLD

Have limited mtgs– couple of hours – Friday night at WSLD off conference.  

Q: How do we approach that committee in future years?

A: On Fri & Sun business sessions

In Fresno this year 10/23-25/09

Supposed to have bid for WSLD 2 years out

WSLD: Fri bids submitted, Sun decisions

Consider experiencing, see if you want to stay for the bid and whether we wish to submit an RD track

Focused educational conference.

Need to have meeting on Fri morning so we can participate in WSLD.  Concur that they are doing what part of our goals are.

Consolidate meetings we get training and the RD interaction.

Should meet Fri night due to arrivals

Not paid to go to a speaker meeting

Professionals are there during working hours

Could get professional interaction experience

Familiar.  Experiment with Fri night window in Oct.

Some political pieces that should not be insurmountable

Money is tight.  May not be able to attend

Region depends on RD to disseminate info from WSLD

More info that impacts more people

Look forward and move forward – next year, not necessarily this.

Straw poll – 12 can attend WSLD this year.

Proposing becoming a participate in/with WSLD.  We should have someone at their business meeting this year.  Possibly Doug, Matt, Ken attend WSLD business meeting to explore options

Just start with this year to experiment – still off-conference years?

Asking for a meeting room for 3 hours on Fri night as our own entity and then participate in WSLD.

Try mirror image at October WSLD, ask for space, try it out, participate in event and then share that experience when we get together next July.

Time frame for CAR training.  

Material should be available at least 90 days before conference.  Usually meet mid-February.

How’s 1st weekend in Feb.?

Consider CAT as well as CAR.  You could have meeting before Feb.

Financial accountability (WSLD, CAR, WSC)

(from whiteboard)

WSLD 10/09 – experiment (dimdim.com)

            10/11 – WSZF meetso WSLD

WSZF – CAT year – Jan 29 – 31, 2010

            CAR year – Jan. 2012, end of month

WSC 2010 – Wed PM – offsite WSZF

Would like to get site asap.  Need to make consessions due to someone will not be able to attend.

The more time between WSZF and WSC is ideal.

Would like to hear how to deliver workshops in short timeframe

We id that CAT is what we wanted training on.  I think there is a disconnect.  Not true.  Try to get as much input as possible.

1st time fellowship aware that $ already spent will be in 2010. (living clean project)

WSZF – CAT year – meet Jan 29 – 31, 2010

For those who cannot attend WSLD will coordinate communication link

11:00 AM – 11:20 PM   Break

11:25 AM


Best practices, innovations…

Anything implemented that is successful?

Via website, got comment about young members uncomfortable with older members.  PR created youth meeting: safe/sacred space; mentor group; give rides; near existing meeting.

An Area: Special projects per PR handbook

No guidelines; active for a year

Old-timers got involved

Area planning tool in ½ hour sessions.  Break an IDT in ½ sessions.  Successfully completed 2 IDT’s.  Gather and deliver report.  Important:  they are learning the tools of teaching and leadership; brainstorming with each other, unitybuilding; ½ hour world service in some form;  actively participating at ASC level.  

Youth committee:  statement of purpose. Welcoming envrionomnet to introduce them into “mainstream”.  Look at their website for their statement of purpose — todayna.org/socal, user socal, password: willingness Attending all subcommittees; pr coordinates with a youth committee liaison; 

Youth given workshop and kind of a side teen convention along side regional convention.  

Failed efforts:

PR effort doing schools.  No one under 40 would not participate.               

Effort faded out.

Regional inventory done at Regional assembly was lost, focus went to ASC’s instead of ASC.  We did get leaders out of it but not sure what to do with the info.

Same recurring  issues: communications, leadership, training

PR handbook has processes we can use 

Smaller ASC swamped with treatment facilities.  Expection that RSC will help

5 step planning process may be more effective.

Anyone having success with ASCs embracing APT?

            Suggest going to WSLD.  Breaking it down over periods during ASCs.  

            Put APT in ASC guidelines.  Turnover doesn’t impact continuity

            Regional directory.  Presents one face.  

Anyone implement a regional PR?

            Can we get guidelines?

* IDTS: 

notices, food, RCM told time, day, location with room for 80 but 20 showed up.  Got more involed and same happened.  Lots sign up but few show up.  The few who show really like the info provided.

Have ASC’s financially accountable due to past performance and expense.

Deliver the format to the ASC that requests.  Adapt the format, not just what NAWS suggests.  

Small groups, interactive work better;  cross-training RCM’s for experiences and less experienced leaders/presenters; violent workshop created; people still finding building stronger home groups;

IDT’s work.  Give people input and they have conclusions and we direct them to PR handbook.

Leadership wkshp at Regional Assembly;  4 hour time spam; 1st hour Regional reports; (didn’t get coffee so we could have kept more people there); libraries useful facilities; asked who never attended an assembly; gave them international white key tags’ award those who came back to their seats 1st; had visual display of books/literature in international languages; fun giveaways, most came out of her closet (from years of amassing stuff)

Changed leadership to Spiritual Principles of Leadership

NOON – 1:00 PM


1:30 PM – 4:30 PM  Jane

NAWS  (3 hours)

            PR report – Jane & Jim will speak to that


            Use example that would like discussion from you all

Updates from NAWS:

            Recovery input cycle 

                        Self supp

                        Times of illness


Living clean work in process – 1st 2 chapters til September

Access password : Wsc2010 to submit input

            Service system

                        Need to redefine to address flattening of growth in US and how it can work better

                        Joint mtg full bod and wkgrp

                        More defined charge

                        Look at Iran and Brazil

            Open up the vision statement that the whole fellowship embrace (will be in next CAR)

            Hope to put together models of what a new service system may look like

            Per consultant: Components of service system are: structure,  process, people and resources (look at google group)

            Survey: Steve Lantas would help RCM’s RD enter mass quantities (if EV RCM gave out 50 surveys and collected, contact Steve for assistance in entering)

            IDT: gather input 

                        Session profile updates, continue to send input to NAWS

            Deadline to submit motion 8/1/09

                        You are responsible for comparing to existing policies

            Conference evolving more into discussion based versus motion based

            Other vehicles 

                        Conference participant bulletin board

            Seating at world conference

                        Process of what can be done  (2 cycle process)

                        Malta Lithuania, Denmark

                        Many developments to consider

                        70 Regions in US alone

                        Size constraints (facilities)

            Communicating with RDs

                        6 or 7 rds per board member

                        Contact your board member if you have questions or need help with

            Service and dev wrksp

                        Japan – 25 year celebration

                        Travel reduced

                                    Limited resources – both people and financial

            Current financial state

                        Spending $55,000 more than taking in 

                        Publications – define way of value of current distribution of NAWay versus how much is wasted.  Includes other distributions as well.

No hard decisions yet: naway blog; links; draw people to electronic version

                        Giving away literature (subsidies and discounts): $625,000

                        Decline in fellowship contributions —      $220,000 below budget

Iran:  membership increasing – are the donations?  We don’t see the money because of political ramifications.  They are self-sustaining

            NA got recognition mentioned in 05 and 06 NGO award in Iran.  Humanitarian efforts – we are not in conflict with the Koran or other organized religions.  Another distinguishing characteristic is we are self-supporting.  We registered with UN.  

            Literature in Iran .. they have resources and is done within the country via the WSO branch – NAWS employees.   They sell IP’s in bulk and the NAWay.  Their contributions are limited by the political climate.

            The only way women could get recovery is to start their own meetings

            59 countries registered for World Conference NA 23 in Barcelona

            Factors where WCNA goes: accommodate the attendance

                        San Diego  – 2012

                        Philadelphia – 2013

                        Latin America – 2014

            There will be info about selection process

                        (Phillie need to prereg in order to attend)

            August 31 deadline

            Prioritization done ins bleachers better format versus the rounds

            RD peer to peer session

PR: Jane

            Science experiment

                        2 things going on right now

                                    1) Drug courts

                                                5 year study ndci.org (natl drug court or Nadcp.org 

                        Present the 12 steps (sometimes in partnership with AA)

                                                419 drug courts in WSZF

                                                What NA has done to help


                                                            Service pamphlets (intro to NA)

                                                            Newcomer workshop (cpt 6 in PR handbook)

                                                            HI & PI working on panel together

                                                            PR Basic (for dummies)  work in progress

1) Do we know what does not work?

            Perception is we still have predatory stigma

2) What would we like to see, ideally

Every 6 months judges have a presentation?

Educate and present to probation officers

3) What tools would help with drug court clients?

            Give to professionals



Publications for drug court judges similar to service pamphlets

Combine all of the tools into one resource packet

DVD which addresses these items (the info packets referred to above)

            Solution to courts concerns about NA perceived stance on methadone?  (Drug replacement)

Open a meeting in a meth clinic to include former methadonians

Use the pamphlets in business meetings

HI//PI use education and presentation as strategy

RD or PR go to ASC’s to present and encourage the PI & HI committees to focus efforts to drug court.  Mentor the ASC leaders.

(email address removed) for presentation material

monthly presentations to court

WSLD provide a workshop on giving a workshop

12 Step call – offer to pick up from the treatment

Educate our members what interaction with the treatment cnt clients

Do NA 101 treatment center

Research our “audience”.  Know your judges.

Please send your thoughts/answers to  (email address removed)

Educate within:  use layman terms, not NA lingo

NA 101 during drug court while “captive audiences” are present

                                    2)  Medical school curriculum            (ran out of time to address this)

Living Clean project

            We can have the most impact at the input stage.

            Draft will show you what other input is needed

            Q: What is to be submitted – stories?

            A: Yes

            Talk it up

            Workshop in Oakland

            RSC meeting was printed and given to RCM and subcommittee members tot encourage members to submit as well

            Anything on outline is far game for input.

            Evolving literature development process

            Communication has room for improvement

            Starting earlier in process

            Take opportunity to do a workshop in your Local area.  We have outlines from doing workshops (done in Germany, South America,)  Mary Ellen an send formats to you.  People would be available to assist in providing workshops.  Will put formats on google groups.  Participation board is like people are giving their best, sharing successes in recovery.  We want people to be inspired.  

We can still submit material for 3 and 4 and feedback needed for the drafts of 1 & 2.  The deadlines for the submissions are on the link.

Can you do a train-the-trainer for the living clean workshop.  It’s on line and a 90 minute session.

Suggestion:  read the handout and discuss later.  We should be reading all the stuff sent to rd.

Living Clean workshops:  presenting.  Anything missing?  

This project started in 1983!

How effective is the lit process?  Are people taking ownership?  

A:  aware of motion from back East.  We created JFT in 92, Step WG in 93.   Lost momentum after that.  Sponsorship book left bad taste.  Get people back involved is an issue.  

Sense of ownership because of being involved in lit review.

We have opportunity this weekend to give dir input to naws and learn how to take back to local fellowship

4:35 PM  — 4:55  BREAK 


            IDT’s or fellowship development

A: We go there

A;  Minnesota has session profile

Emerging Spanish community

            How did that grow?

A:  Support, unity in action.  Sprang from one

A:  Struggles of them fitting in the service structure


What has been used to help with financial challenges

A:  Flyer “In 1939 a quarter bought us this…”

A:  Sponsorship tree opportunity to develop value.  Gain perspective by comparing when 1st came in versus now

A:  made a budget and saw places to cut costs.  Advised how much is needed from ASCs to support the services.

A:  Workshops //Unity

A:  Combining resources

A:  A dollar for me, a dollar for the newcomer and a dollar for the cheap bastard who won’t put one in

A:  Smart with literature.  Assure we compensate for shipping costs.  

A:  Regional t-shirts, merchandise

A:  reducing paper copies and printer costs

A:  Break down expenses

A:  treasury best-practices workshop[

A:  policy for travel requests

A:  don’t rely on event funds

A:  Planning for services (APT)  — measure time, talent and treasure.  What can we do without?

A:  renting rso rooms to recovery meetings


What is N CA doing with policies.  

A: Put up on FTP site?

A: Create a directory – allow Forum access 

A: Commitment from the group to use google group  (increased 6% today)

Would like a tutorial on Google group

2 people review all forms used on the World website

A; Guidelines/ housekeeping for technology uses, such as Skype

A: Create screenshot-based tutorial  for Google– Freddie task

A:  Vince will assist remotely after Forum.   Google group account differs from google email account.

A; Freddie also will have admin rights

Google group

            How best to use

            What is appropriate to put on site

                        Profile with photos

Repository for info share 

                        Like guidelines, incorporating issues

Utilize tech to bring people together


Rampant merchandise


            Local communities go to ASC

How to reel them in?  Policies?  Protocol?

A: One registered with WSO to become authorized vendor

A: Legal recourse

A:  Enforce accountability

A: Are you an NA vendor?  No, then you’re in violation FIPT.


Go to google groups

Create an account

Enter email address

Password twice

Give it a nickname

Enter the characters

You should be in

Click the Western States Zonal Forum link

Edit your profile

Will send screenshot training for future technology use

6:30 PM – ADJOURN 

JULY 26, 2009


8:40 AM

Serenity Prayer


Set schedule for forum meetings

            For planning purposes (financial)

            Bidding process

Best Western Island Palms

Good food

Free Shuttle

Free shuttle

Must purchase dinner on Friday night from hotel

Pam will email info to (email address removed) so Ken can upload to WSZF website


Suggestion: revisit mission statement end of WSLD 2011

            Another suggestion is to meet at WSC Wed, 2010 

(Conversation re: rogue conventions – directly accountable to the hosting ASC’s.  Fund flow: intent is to give back to hosting SC and hope the flow will be sent forward.  Started as PI/Phoneline, HI added down the line.

Challenge for roaming conventions.)

Funds contributed via Region, not the convention

Agenda setting at WSLD, 10/09

Laura will take on agenda

Independent facilitator

            Lots of options from WSLD

            NAWS folks will be at WSLD

            Whoever is hosting WSZF is responsible for locating facilitator

(Changes need to be done to guidelines re facilitator responsibilities)

Whoever is hosting WSZF is responsible for locating facilitator

n  item suggested for next agenda: Roaming conventions

Anyone attending European Delegates Meeting (EDM) we are invited to attend on 8/15/09

Can make copies of WSLD 23 to distribute – WSLD.org

            General service session

            Prpi issues




            NA Service Academy – solid basic practices/best practices

                        Consider sending GSRs

Will try to put together powerpoint.  Shelly will send email regarding what is needed from members to create an organized WSZF report

            Send Shelly photos of:

Conv logos







Anything from list that went around from Matt?



Powerpoint presentations for trainings

            What worked//work