Schematic diagram of different kinds of technologies used in NA

There are a lot of ways that technology can help carry the message of NA. We have email, texting, virtual meetings, recorded videos, online webinars, and many more. There are ways to carry our message that we are still in the process of discovering. For example Israel is using an AM radio station to broadcast an H&I panel every week to inmates in prisons that aren’t allowed NA Panels in person or online. Here are a few that we have so far that you can pick and choose to help you. What do you have to add to this

Hybrid Meetings

This document below is a description of how to run a hybrid meeting.

You may also want to look at Virtual Meeting Basics on the website:


The BMLT (“Basic Meeting List Toolbox”) consists of a suite of tools for managing NA meeting lists. It includes a server that provides a database of meetings, a plugin for displaying meetings on a service body’s website, another plugin for producing printable meeting schedules, and a system for providing NA helplines. See the zone’s BMLT web pages for more information:
WSZF BMLT Services

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