Parolee Presentation meeting

This slideshow describes how parolees can attend online NA presentation meetings and get credit with their parole officers without violating traditions.

H&I Basic Orientation

This video along with the corresponding slideshow provides basic H&I orientation for H&I chairs, panel leaders, and volunteers both new to H&I and those needing a refresher. Accompanying PowerPoint:

Technology and Carrying the NA Message

There are a lot of ways that technology can help carry the message of NA. We have email, texting, virtual meetings, recorded videos, online webinars, and many more. There are […]


Narcotics Anonymous funds should always be used to further our primary purpose. Money is used to pay the expenses involved in running NA recovery meetings, to inform the public about […]

Public Relations

Our relations with the public enable us to share the NA message broadly so that those who might benefit from our program of recovery can find us.

Behind The Walls

Links and contact information for Behind The Walls committees in WSZF