Tempe, Arizona

May 3, 2000

Western States Zonal Forum

WSC Meeting Record – opened at 6 PM

The WSZF has been meeting for about the last 9 years with a meeting at the WSC and a discussion forum meeting in August.  It has been a sharing session type meeting with no written guidelines and a passion for remaining a non deliberative body.

In attendence:

Arizona Region
John W

California Inland Region
Tracia A-C

California Mid-State Region
Cindy M, Kim S

Central California Region
Peggy W, Deborah B, George L

Northern California Region
Sue L, Roseann B-A

Pacific Cascade Region
Doug H, Greg I

Region 51
Frank S

Rio Grande Region
Ron H, Seth S

San Diego Imperial Region
Don S, Pat H

Sierra Sage Region
Sam C, Vince P

Southern California Region
Bob R, Jimmy L

Southern Idaho Region
Jak K

Washington- Northern Idaho Region
Steve Z, Rex S

The WSZF, until this year, included the regions of the US states of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and all states to West of those states.  This year the Rocky Mountain Zonal Forum was formed and Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah are now part of that Zonal Forum.  The Southern Idaho Region is currently planning to attend both Zonal Forums.  

This year a set of Draft Guidelines have been created for the Western States Zonal Forum and will be further reviewed at the August meeting.

There will be a sharing session meeting Hosted by the Arizona Region in Tempe AZ on August 4,5 and 6th 2000.  The meeting will be held at the Mission Palms Hotel,  60 E 5th St.  Tempe AZ  85281.  1-800-547-8705.  The meeting will begin Friday at 7 PM.  Will run Saturday from 9 AM to 5 PM.  The meeting will end Sunday at 12 PM.


1)     WSZF Guidelines

2)     How WSZF is impacted by a 2 yr conference cycle 

3)     Drug Court & Surveillance issues

4)     CAR Conscience gathering at Regional Assemblies 

5)     Organizing Spanish speaking meetings

6)     Multi-regional workshops

7)     Master calendar of Regional events 

8)     Regional inventories

9)     Fund flow

10)  Problems with meeting and event facilities

11)  NAWS World Wide Workshops

12)  Adopting a Guide to Local Service

There was some discussion on when and where we are going to meet in the upcomng two-year cycle.

Sierra Sage has volunteered to host the next meeting in 2001 and will bring information at the meeting in Tempe, AZ.

Some of the Delegates requested that members bring any kind of NA guidelines and also any material on the issue topics.  On computer disk where possible.

The Address list was updated.  Greg I. was volunteered to give a WSZF report to the WSC tomorrow.

Meeting closed with the Gratitude Prayer at 7 PM.

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