Report to the World Service Conference

May 2, 2002

The WSZF has been meeting for about the last 11 years with a meeting at the WSC and a discussion forum meeting in August.  It has been a sharing session type meeting with no a passion for remaining a non deliberative body. The forum has been using consensus to choose and prioritize the discussion topics. 

The WSZF includes the US states of California, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Arizona  and a small slice of west Texas.  

The WSZF guidelines are now posted on the Rio-Grande website.

There will be a sharing session meeting in Portland, OR on August 2,3 and 4th with topics chosen yesterday to be discussed.


1)         Consensus: experiences and work-shoping

2)         Western Services Learning Days

3)         Delivery of services by Regions and Zone

4)         Specific needs Lit. development

5)         Accountability of traveling conventions; WSUC; Circle of Sisters

6)         2nd Alt. Delegates

7)         Service workshop in conjunction w/WSZF

8)         WSZF support to developing regions

9)         HRP at the regional level 

10)      Internet issues/ online meeting locator

We are requesting participation from World Services and if you would like to attend you may contact the Regional Delegate from the Pacific Cascade Region.

Thank you,

Rex S.  Regional Delegate

Washington Northern Idaho Region

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