The primary purpose of Behind The Walls committees is to provide step writing and/or sponsorship to those who are currently incarcerated while protecting the anonymity of our members. Our interactions are via mail only, not by telephone or visitation.

Behind The Walls Committees within WSZF

The list includes contact information and a link to the BTW committee’s web page or flyer when available. For all the committees in the list, the region or area name is also a link to that service body’s website.

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Arizona Region

Arizona Sponsorship Behind The Walls (SBTW)

California Mid-State Region

California Mid-State Region Behind the Walls Sponsorship (BTWS)

Central California Region

Central California Region Behind The Walls Sponsorship (BTWS) website

Northern California Region

Northern California BTW Flyer

Portland Area

Portland Oregon Area Outreach / BTW Outreach

Region 51


Rio Grande Region


San Diego Imperial Counties Region

San Diego Region NA Behind the Walls (NABTW) website

Sierra Sage Region

Sierra Sage Region NA Behind The Walls Sponsorship Program

Southern California Region

Southern CA Region Sponsorship Behind The Walls (SBTW) website

Washington / Northern Idaho Region

WNIRNA Working Steps For Recovery Behind The Walls website